I've long had a creative urge, but as I can't draw, paint, dance, sing or play a musical instrument, finding an outlet for this creativity was a bit of a challenge! Then I discovered the joy of photography and spent many happy years capturing the landscape at dawn, dusk and sometimes the hours in between too. But nowadays it rarely occurs to me to go out with my camera during daylight hours - it's only as night falls that my interest sparks. For now, at least, it's all about the darkness.

It started when, by lucky accident, I captured the Milky Way in some photographs I’d taken in a Devon churchyard. As soon as I spotted that faint but definite band of light arching across the sky, I was hooked. I love the challenge of coaxing light from the darkness and capturing the beauty of the landscape under the night sky. Even on what seems a pitch black night the camera reveals the colours and details of a world unseen. Far from being an inky black, the night sky is alive with colour, some natural, some from light pollution but all of it varied, rich and interesting. The stars too are more colourful than I’d ever realized – not just white but shades of blue, red, orange and yellow. Beautiful.

I love the solitude of being alone under a blanket of stars on a clear, frosty night or watching the Milky Way rise in the early hours of a summer’s morning. Photography gives me a reason to be out in some beautiful places but night photography gives me the chance to see these places as others rarely do. Time flies by and hours seem like minutes. Pure pleasure.